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How to get VPN account?

VPN Account

How to Create VPN Account?

1. You just need to scroll down and you will see some List Server for VPN Account that's available in
2. Select which VPN Server that you want to create VPN account.
3. You will redirected to Create VPN Account Page and we will give you next tutorial on thats page like this.
How to use OpenVPn on Android
For those of you smartphone users with the Android operating system, you can follow the steps below to run OpenVPN!
First, try downloading the OpenVPN Connect application for Android, you can also search on your Google Play Store and install.
Then try to download the OpenVPN config which is still active. You can just search for it on search engines like Google or on Facebook groups. You can even try making it yourself. Please find instructions for how to make it by browsing.
If the currently active OpenVPN config is available, you can install and run the OpenVPN application.
You select the three dot icon on the top right on your smartphone screen. Click "Import".
Then click "Import Profile From SD Card".
Now please look for the ".ovpn" format config that you saved in the previous step, then please click "Select".
Then how do you run it? You just run the config by clicking "Connect". Then please wait for the process to connect, if successful then you will see a notification "Connected".
Finally, try browsing as usual. OpenVPN works.
How to use OpenVPN on Windows
Complete the steps below to be able to use OpenVPN on your laptop or PC!
Install on the OpenVPN download link available. Then don't forget to change the setting to "Run as Admin" for Windows 7 users and above.
Next, please download the OpenVPN config and select the download server you want. Actually you can also find other download links yourself by searching Google. You just enter the keyword / keyword "download OpenVPN config".
Extract the OpenVPN file from the config link in the previous step. Then you will get the OpenVPN file or folder on your laptop / PC.
Then, please move the OpenVPN file / folder into "C: / Program Files / OpenVPN / config". If you find a file other than for OpenvPN in there, please move it to another place.
Please use the internet as usual. Is that wifi or modem. Then try setting your port as desired. For example, you enter 8080 for an injection. Then, don't forget to click "Start"
Open the "OpenVPN GUI" program through the steps: click "Start"> "All Programs"> "OpenVPN"> "OpenVPN GUI" (Position in the lower right corner, near the clock line)
Right-click on "OpenVPN GUI", select "Settings"> "Manual Configuration"> "HTTP Proxy". Then in the Address section, please enter the combination number "127.0.01" and in the Port section enter the number in the previous stage (for example) "8080". Then click "OK"
Right-click again on "OpenVPN GUI", click "Connect". Then please enter the username and password that you created earlier on the config download website. Wait until the color in the OpenVPN GUI icon turns green.
Now try to run browsing as usual. If all the steps you have done without passing through, OpenVPN will work.

But, before you using our service you need to read our T.O.S in below.

Terms Of Service

We are providing services free VPN account for users, but please read this term of services for use this services wisely.
- NO SPAM, etc.
- Never Repost or Reupload Account (Your account will terminated)
- You are allowed using maximum 2 bitvise for VPN account
- Use it wisely, So we can continue provide Premium VPN accounts.
All content on this site using a private server, so we do not allow any content from our site to be disseminated without official permission from our side to avoid misuse of the data we provide.
If we find our content on the website that does not have official permission from us, then we will report your site as content theft to the DMCA and Google.

VPN Server France Premium

  • Host:
  • IP Address:
  • Location: France
  • SSL Port: 443, 1194
  • OpenSSH & Dropbear: -
  • UDP / BadVPN: -
  • Active: 5 Days
  • Limit: 50