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How to get VPN account?

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How to Create VPN Account?

What are the Benefits of OpenVPN?
This application not only can you use to access blocked sites and can hide your IP address when accessing the internet. Here is a complete explanation of the benefits you can get by using OpenVPN on your device!
You can surf / brochure anonymously. With this access or connection through VPN, your real IP address will remain safe from other people's eyesight. Why is that? Because when you skate on the internet using VPN, the visible IP Address is the IP address of the VPN server, not your own IP Address. This certainly makes you comfortable accessing the internet, if you view privacy as an important value in this digital age.
You can access websites that are blocked by your provider or government. Of course you understand that some websites pass through surveillance systems that are still being debated in various countries, especially in Indonesia. You can read more about the positive Indonesian internet hot debate in the article we made earlier. Some people just want to read personal blogs that don't contain any SARA content on Tumblr, but Tumblr is blocked so people are upset with the government policy. Now, with the VPN, you can still access the website as usual.
You can actually access the internet for free without credit and without internet quota using this OpenVPN. So, you can browse without paying. Actually, almost all providers in Indonesia can be used for this free access. For GSM it is usually Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, AXIS, 3. While for CDMA it is usually Smartfren, Esia, Flexi. Regarding the speed when browsing, this depends on your signal and whether or not congested BTS Traffic in your area.
The other benefit is that you can increase the security of your device (both the system and all data stored on it) when using public WiFi. You need to know that free internet access that is open to the public is very vulnerable to hacking and the entry of dangerous Malware. This VPN application can be a way of protecting you from those things.
You certainly don't want your data monitored by third parties while you access the internet. Now, with the application, all connections that occur are encrypted so that only you know your search history or data transmission.
1. You just need to scroll down and you will see some country list VPN Server that's available in
2. Select which country you want to create VPN account.
3. You will redirected to List Server VPN Page for your choosen country server and we will give you next tutorial on thats page like this.
But, before you using our service you need to read our T.O.S in below.

Terms Of Service

We are providing services free VPN account for users, but please read this term of services for use this services wisely.
- NO SPAM, etc.
- Never Repost or Reupload Account (Your account will terminated)
- You are allowed using maximum 2 bitvise for VPN account
- Use it wisely, So we can continue provide Premium VPN accounts.
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