How To Connect SSH Account

How To Connect SSH Account

How to use SSH on Android

Tutorial Connect SSH on Android is not difficult. Using the HTTP Injector application that you can download on the Play Store. Well, for how to use it, here are the steps:

  • 1. First download the HTTP Injector in the Play Store, install the application and open it on your Android.

  • 2. Make sure before you already have Config that will be used. So you only need to import it into the HTTP Injector application. The trick is by clicking on the dot three on the top right and import config. Navigate to where you save the config.

  • 3. Next, click settings (gear icon) then the Secure Shell (SSH) section, click and enter the SSH Username and Password to be used.

  • 4. If you have returned to the start page and click tick on the Google DNS and Start SSH.

  • 5. Last step, click Start. Wait a few seconds, then you already connected ssh on Android.



How to use SSH on a PC or Laptop

Tutorial Connect SSH on PC or Laptop can use an application called Bitvise. This application acts just like the HTTP Injector on Android, the difference is that Bitvise is specifically used for PCs or Computers. Well, here are the steps to use an SSH account on a computer or PC easily.

  • 1. Download Bitvise and Install on your PC.

  • 2. Previously, make sure that your internet connection is connected using a modem or wifi from Android.

  • 3. Open the installed Bitvise application then enter the Hostname / IP and Username and Password that you have obtained.

  • 4. Next, click Proxy Settings and tick the Use Proxy fill according to default or for Server and port 8080, don't forget to use HTTP as Proxy Type



If so, click log in and wait a few seconds your SSH account is connected properly on the computer.


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